Michael & Raphaelle's SHAPE Clairvoyant Mastery Clinic & Coaching Series


February 1 - March 29, 2014

Over the years, I have been observing many of you in your development as clairvoyant readers, healers, counselors, teachers and leaders. The fundamental question to which I am continuously seeking answers, as I work with you, is essentially this: How can I best help guide you in your spiritual development and teach you what you may need in order to take your next steps in the most effective manner? Over the past four decades, this question has given me access to a mountain of useable answers. Many of you have been the beneficiaries of those answers that then become woven into the fabric of my teaching.

One aspect of teaching you to develop into your fullness, not only as clairvoyant readers, healers and teachers, but, as souls on your path of enlightenment, however, is one that I have only been able to offer through you directly experiencing it through reading alongside of me in a series of correctly supervised reading/teaching sessions. Over the years, I have tried out other means of teaching you this part, but, none have resulted in what I would see in advanced students who were given the opportunity to read with me in reading/teaching sessions even a few times. So, I enlisted Raphaelle's clairvoyant teaching experience and expertise to devise a way that we may be able to offer you this unique learning opportunity in a healthy and cost-effective way. Between your increasing ability to find and maintain your own space, have neutrality, treat one another with kindness and respect, and recognize pictures as pictures and forgive yourself and others quickly, along with technological development, we feel we could now effectively and safely offer you an advanced clinic-style classroom experience through a series of teleclasses and an in- person weekend intensive.

I am truly inspired that I may now be able to teach you in the way I know best, in what I do best. I've always taught most effectively by demonstration and first-hand experience. Yet, since my area of expertise is spiritual and requires the ability to go beyond the physical senses and the intellect, unless the students can at least find their own space, ground themselves and run energy correctly, and be able to match energies and look clairvoyantly for themselves, most of what I can teach via demonstration goes by the wayside. However, the moment you can ground, run your energy, maintain your neutrality and space, match my energy, and be willing to clairvoyantly read along with me in a properly supervised teaching session, we begin to live more of the miracle. Many of you will start reading on a level that normally would take years to learn on your own in a fraction of the time.

Another part of the way I teach most effectively is teaching as part of a team. Most of you know by now that Raphaelle and I always teach as a team, no matter what each of us may appear to be doing on the outside to the uninitiated. Each of us takes care of many jobs that are required to be able to teach each of you well. Besides Raphaelle, however, I am always seeking many of your assistance on the teaching team, even when you are not aware of it. We've included many of you on our team from time to time as the occasion arose, at times as a "volunteer" for a healing demonstration or as you asked certain questions that I would incorporate into the teaching. At other times, for some of you who are very good sports and can "roll with the punches" or can allow others to laugh at your challenges and lessons, I enlist your help to demonstrate that we can become senior to and enjoy even our seeming misfortunes. There are some of you who consistently make yourselves available to help in the set-up or clean-up times before and after our events and make yourselves a valued member of our teaching team. Some important lessons can only be demonstrated and learned outside of the official "classroom." For a spiritual teacher, every situation in life is a learning and teaching opportunity. And, whoever is willing in a situation to become part of the teaching team gets chosen.

So, we've been able to integrate both of those factors into teaching in our new SHAPE Clairvoyant Mastery Clinic Series. Our basic teaching format will consist of a series of 7 pairs of teleclasses given on 7 Saturdays (please refer to actual schedule) and a Novato SHAPE Weekend Intensive. You are encouraged to enroll in the entire series, but you may purchase them in individual pairs of teleclasses. The two teleclasses that we will offer on a given Saturday constitute a pair of classes that cannot be bought separately. You may attend any pair of teleclasses you like, but will not be allowed to attend only one and not the other because they will be taught as an integrated double-header of teleclasses. It is necessary to attend the first (morning) teleclass of each pair in person if you are to receive the real benefit of the class. The second (afternoon) class in each pair, although we highly recommend that you participate in it "live" as well, if that is not possible, then, you may take it as an audio download.

The first (morning, PST) of each pair of Saturday teleclasses will be taught in a reading/ teaching clinic style. In most of this first series, I will read as the "center chair" reader with all of the students practicing their psychic tools and matching me while reading along with me. Raphaelle will also teach and coach you as she directs the reading and the readers. For my "teaching" part, I will be demonstrating various specific aspects of clairvoyant reading, healing and deprogramming, depending on the focus of the particular reading/healing session. Raphaelle will also be able to call upon any of you during the session, turn on your respective mics, and ask you to respond, both for your own benefit as well as for the teaching of the whole group. Both Raphaelle and I will point out, from our respective vantage points, specifics for the whole group to be aware of as well as at times bring awareness to certain readers to illustrate lessons. There may be situations in which Raphaelle and I will switch our roles as control and reader if it seems more beneficial to do so. The major focus of each session is listed briefly below along with the schedule of teleclasses and seminar weekend.
The second class (afternoon, PST) will be taught in an interactive coaching workshop style. Although each of the afternoon workshop sessions will have a similar format, the actual teaching will vary depending on the focus of the reading/healing session portion of the morning class. The afternoon class will consist of an interactive review/discussion of the earlier reading/healing session relative to the main areas of focus covered in that session, an exploration of the variety of situations and experiences encountered by various readers, some process of evaluating your reading skills and assessment of areas to pay more attention to, and an opportunity to address specific questions that arose during or after the reading session concerning any aspect of the reading/healing experience. Each of these afternoon workshop classes will end with a full guided post-reading meditation/clean out/ deprogramming training that will give attention to especially areas and tools relevant to the specific reading/healing session.

This SHAPE Clairvoyant Mastery Clinic Series is designed for both the long-time advanced clairvoyant readers, healers and teachers in the SHAPE Community as well as more beginning and intermediate readers who are recent graduates of a clairvoyant program or the graduates of our Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices Course. The relatively wide spectrum of clairvoyant abilities and reading experience will be accommodated in this teaching series. As long as you have been practicing what you've learned in your respective courses, you will be able to take a big step in your awareness and the use of your clairvoyant reading and healing abilities.

And, in our March 22 − 23 SHAPE Novato Weekend, we'll offer a Clinic-Style Intensive to help you Step-Up Your Clairvoyant Reading, Healing & Deprogramming Abilities & Practice.

(Note from Raphaelle: There will be more information and a write-up on this event next month.) This weekend intensive which will be open to all SHAPE students as well as clairvoyant program and our 6-level course graduates who have not yet participated in a SHAPE event, but, for those enrolled in the new SHAPE series, this weekend will give you a great opportunity to put into more of your own practice what you've learned in the teleclasses portion along with more direct coaching. (Please refer to the schedule and descriptions below for details on the weekend intensive.)

Raphaelle and I welcome you to join us in this brand new adventure of the spirit for exploration, discovery, learning, healing and growth! It's time to step up to a new level of sharing your inner abundance!

With love and joyous celebration,