Aloha, Everyone!

Itís that time of the year again to celebrate in the middle of the great Pacific Ocean to bridge East and West, North and South, Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine, Spirit and Body-Mind. Itís time to gather together in the community of spirit and in the spirit of community on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Itís of particular interest to me that we started to celebrate my birthday in Hawaii each of the past ten years or so, since I was born in Japan in an American hospital, of Japanese ancestry as an American citizen. Iíve known I was to be a bridge between the many pairs of opposites and it began with the East and the West. I incarnated as a female in my last past life and this time as a male. And, of course, I love all the diversity of cultures around the world. The more the merrier, as they say. I canít think of a better place in the world than on a living volcanic island in the middle of my favorite ocean as the gathering place for our spiritual community without walls - just as we begin the second half of 2012, even! What an amazing time it is. So, wherever you are, come and join us on the Big Island this July 11 − 15 for our series of exciting events and experiences to learn and grow by.

Weíll launch it with a Live TeleSeminar in Kona Wednesday, July 11th 3PM - 5PM (HST), that you can participate in person (or 6PM - 8PM PDT via telephone). Iíll have a classroom where people who wish to attend in person can come to and people can also call into the TeleSeminar number to participate on the phone from anywhere.

Weíll explore how you can Make Space to Be Who Youíve Been, Who You Are, and Who Youíll Be for yourself so that you can more fully incarnate here in this world and truly live the miracle that is you. This TeleSeminar would also be great to prepare for both the following eveningís workshop as well as our Kona seminar weekend.

So often, we go through life with a kind of ďtunnel visionĒ and forget that we are so much more than what weíre looking at and experiencing at the time. Scientists have said that the average human being only uses 1/10th of the brain potential, but, how much of our true soul self do we actually live most of the time? What aspects of ourselves are we not even aware of most of the time?

I would say, a great deal. When I died the third time, I got the opportunity to experience how much of myself as the immortal soul that I hadnít even planned on incarnating in this lifetime. One of the first things that many people noticed about me when I ďreturned from the deadĒ the last time was that there was so much more of something that was here. That extra something is more of myself. And, there is a lot more to come - it takes a while to be able to bring more of myself back in. As I often say, leaving is the easy part, coming back is the more challenging.

So, Iíll start off our line-up of special Hawaii Events with this teleseminar to show you how you can expand the space for a lot more of you so you can better express your creativity, have fuller relationships, and fulfill more of your purpose. Weíll follow up on that with an evening workshop at one of our favorites, the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, titled, I See You: Clairvoyance, Where You Are Going, and Your Spiritual Growth.

Part of getting to know yourself more and to know more of who you are as an immortal soul is to clearly see where you are and where you are headed. Your destiny is the destination of your soul journey of lifetimes. Humanity has gotten by for millennia without most of the population developing their innate clairvoyant abilities. But, look at where thatís gotten us in all this time! Now, more than ever before, we need to heed the call of spirit to develop our ability to see clearly and intuitively know our own answers rather than constantly trying to intellectually figure out every little thing in our life. 2012 signifies the beginning of a new era for humanity with a shift from being a body-based intellectual race into a spirit-centered intuitive one. Itís time to really step it up and learn to see as you are and to keep in your sight, where you are truly going. This is essential to your spiritual growth and in this workshop, youíll learn simple, but powerful spiritual tools to do just that!

On Friday morning, weíll set sail on a chartered boat with our friends Captain Mike and Melainah out to sea to visit with and commune with the naiía (dolphins) and others of our sea-worthy friends. Whether you wish to hang out in the comfort of the boat or jump in the water and snorkel with the always smiling naiía, youíll experience a profound healing, which we call being ďen-dolphinated.Ē It doesnít matter how many times Iíve been with these wonderful creatures - and hundreds of them - itís always different, but equally aweinspiring. I canít think of anything more beautiful, joyful, and fitting to share this experience with you during my birthday celebration week!

Finally, all these events will culminate in our grand seminar weekend at the Sheraton Keauhou Beach Resort, July 14 & 15, with A Weekend of Profound Psychic Exploration: Get to Know Your Aura to Heal Your Life and The World. On Saturday (which happens to be my actual 59th birthday!) Iíll teach you how to Discover In Your Aura: Your Consciousness, Your Creativity, Your Relationships, Your Life. Whether you are just beginning to pursue your interest in developing your soul (psychic) abilities or you are already a clairvoyant, Iím sure youíll find some profound treasures for yourselves in this comprehensive seminar. Iíll show you psychic tools and practices that you can employ every day in exploring who you are and what you are made of through looking at and experiencing your aura in a variety of ways. Thereís been so few in-depth classes offered in understanding your aura and all that happens through it in your life, so I decided that it was time to bring forth more on this amazing part of your soul anatomy. So, much of your information and experience as a soul that you are carrying forth from prior lifetimes get ďstashed awayĒ in various parts of your aura as soon as you are born. Most people never get to them in an entire lifetime! Itís time for you to uncompressed those files of information and learning over the ages and learn to use them here and now.

On Sunday, weíll continue with How to Transform Your Aura to Heal Your Life and the World. Often people will try to heal their physical body when they feel that something is wrong in it or in their life. Yet, even if something is happening on a physical level, itís been developing long before in their aura. Whether you experience a condition on a physical, emotional, mental, or soul level, you can bring about significant healing and transformation by examining your aura and learning how to heal it. As you learn to heal your own aura and maintain it in great shape, you will then deeply impact others and the world around you. In fact, what you are creating in your aura will affect those around you long before anything you can say or do physically will. Iíll show you many valuable tools and practices that will help you transform your aura and promote healing both within you as well as around you in the world. Learn to make life much more enjoyable while you do this as well!

We canít wait to see you in Hawaii!

Mahalo e Aloha nui loa,