Michael's Inner Divinity Retreat Letter


Written: July 30, 2012


Dear Friends and Awakening Souls,

It is a glorious morning, here in Mount Shasta, as I write to you. Against the expanse of a cloudless sky the mountain stands magnificent, her jeweled crown sparkling in the sun, as she turns towards heaven, without cease. The gold of her crown represents the all-inclusive consciousness of the Christ. The priceless gems set in her diadem are the great souls, the Masters of Wisdom, who make Mount Shasta their teaching and healing retreat. This, along with it being a natural power vortex, is what makes this place one of the rare handful of sanctuaries to be found around the world. Those who seek enlightenment and the true wisdom and grace that it brings, often find their way here. Then, the blessings and the guidance of the great souls are showered upon them.


It is for this reason that we offer our Inner Divinity Retreats here, in Mount Shasta. These retreats not only are given to benefit the individuals who attend them, but, also to extend the miracles and the blessings of the Divine upon all those whose lives each retreat participant touches upon their return home and to their respective communities. For truly, no miracle can be contained in any one individual - its very nature is that it must be shared with the whole.


For this year, 2012, we have chosen to address the most important - and often the least understood - of all of our soul, or psychic, abilities during our Inner Divinity Retreat: Mediumship. As grateful as we may be that the idea about mediumship has gained more public exposure in the past decade than perhaps any other time in modern history, through hit Prime Time TV shows like Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Beyond with James Van Praagh, John Edward's Crossing Over, and many others, we cannot expect that the deeper significance and practical guidance on the development of one's own mediumship abilities be gained through such shows. 


The work of these wonderful pioneers is to open wide the gates of mainstream consciousness so that those who are ready to explore their next steps in fulfilling their true purpose in life can have access to spiritual information, teaching, and guidance once available only to dedicated mystics, yogis, and initiates. That gate is now open, the permission is available, and the spiritual teachers who have for years been teaching in relative anonymity are stepping forth to guide a much larger audience of seekers and awakening souls.


Contrary to popular belief, mediumship is not just about speaking to the dead or prognosticating the future. It is the most comprehensive soul ability that we each have whose time has finally come to step out into and function correctly in the realm of everyday living. In the past millennia, those who started to open up to even a little of their powerful mediumship abilities have had to choose a monastic or other reclusive life or face the ridicule of society or even be committed to an institution. No longer does this have to be the case. Mediumship is our soul ability that gives us the stairway to ascend to heaven while we are still incarnated in our earthly bodies. It is our natural bridge to access our spiritual wisdom and knowing gained through many lifetimes of challenging experiences. Ultimately, without knowledge to correctly develop and use our mediumship, we cannot reach our ultimate destination as souls. Now is the time for this learning.


Those of us who have been teaching and guiding awakening souls for decades know that it is also time for us to pass on the torch-flames of wisdom that we guard to not only currently awakening souls, but especially to those who will become the spiritual guides to the next generation of seekers. To create a sanctuary in which we can do this, we offer you this very special retreat experience in which we have brought together a small team of pre-eminent teachers representing some of the major aspects of mediumship work and each of whom have been devoted to serving their communities of awakening souls for four to five decades or even more - and, that's just in their current incarnation! You cannot afford to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from those who hold many of the keys to life whether you are just beginning upon your spiritual exploration, a seasoned pilgrim on the path, or are amongst those souls who have had the calling to guide and serve others in their awakening.


We're all looking forward to seeing you here from Friday, August 17th - Sunday, August 19th!


May the light of Divinity illuminate your every step and guide you to your destiny. 


With gratitude, love, and joyous celebration,