Michael's Inner Divinity Retreat Letter


Written: August 14, 2012


The Purpose of Mediumship Today

For millennia, mediumship was considered a spiritual gift belonging to only the select few. Throughout our history, the courageous souls, who accepted the daunting task of breaking out of the iron mold cast by society to fit into the "norm" and dedicated their lives to correctly developing their mediumship abilities, served as its shamans, oracles, healers, seers, prophets, mystics, and sages. People, often driven by desperation and as a last resort, sought such mediums out for guidance and healing. Today, as humanity faces the challenge - and extraordinary growth opportunity - to make the leap from merely surviving as a body-based, egocentric intellectual race to fully living as a spirit-centered intuitive one, mediumship is taking on a new, more profound significance. As part of this massive transformation, scientists are beginning to recognize that even our DNA is beginning to change. One of the aspects of this genetic step-up is the turning on of the natural circuitry in our body that allows for our soul ability of mediumship to more fully turn on in all of us. Mediumship is the bridge in each of us that connects heaven and earth. It is the avenue through which we express and manifest our soul creativity in this world. It is also the stairway by which, we, as souls-incarnate in this world, can return home to heaven.


As the shifting of human consciousness intensifies exponentially in the world, one of its "side-effects" has been the increase of mediumship abilities turning on in each of us. This allows us to know more intuitively, to experience first-hand much more of our soul life. Yet, even those of us who have been deliberately and diligently preparing ourselves, learning to manage our mediumship abilities for years, will find this time challenging as the energy steps up even more and we experience psychic, mental, emotional, and even physiological changes at about the same frequency that we are now having to install software updates on our computers. More and more, some of us may experience physical symptoms that may mimic some known medical conditions, yet, upon testing, doctors may find that the diagnosis and/or treatment may not fit the condition. Often, for example, when the mediumship abilities turn on in a young woman, especially in her teens and early twenties, she may experience episodes of strep throat, hypoglycemia, and bladder infections even in the absence of identifiable causes. Hormones can also become affected along with one's mental and emotional stability. What is an unsuspecting person to do if suddenly he begins to hear voices in his head or see visions? Sometimes, it isn't a mental illness, but rather a case of unmanaged mediumship. Of course, if left unmanaged long enough, it will most likely produce mental, emotional and physical problems as well.
Who amongst us has not known a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" personality? It's that parent, partner, sibling, or colleague that we know as a normally charming, kind, and generous person, who, without warning becomes a menace or even a "monster"?


Uncontrolled and incorrectly developed mediumship is often what makes a "boss from hell" so hard to handle. You might never know if he or she is going to be the nice one or the mean one. If people have no information on what is happening to them as their mediumship becomes more active, ignorant and afraid, they may seek the comfort of alcohol or drugs in an attempt to subdue their inner "demons". It's no accident that alcohol has long been called "spirits". When a person consumes a couple of drinks, the incarnating soul begins to leave its body. If the body is left unoccupied without safeguards, an unawakened, disincarnate soul seeking to fulfill its worldly desires may choose to "body-jack" it from its rightful owner.


When correctly managed, mediumship can become the avenue to inspiration and sublime creative expression, even to cosmic consciousness and enlightenment. If it is terribly mismanaged, it can throw those with the ability into torment and disability and often taking their relationships down with them. There are many who live with a high degree of mediumship ability hiding behind a mask of congeniality hoping that no one will discover their secret that they may not be who they appear to be. The time has come for each and every one of us to choose how we would like to develop our innate mediumship ability. It is a life-long learning process - so start as soon as you can, but, it's also better late than never.


A Final Personal Mini-Note from Michael:


We're all looking forward to seeing you here from Friday, August 17th - Sunday, August 19th!


May the light of Divinity illuminate your every step and guide you to your destiny. 


With gratitude, love, and joyous celebration,