Our Los Angeles August Write-Up

Imagine that you have a well-organized team of mentors, advisors, coaches, researchers, and other experts “on tap” that you can call upon any time of the day or night - for free!  Even more, these experts aren’t just any experts. They are hand-picked, custom-tailored to your specific needs. As far as help in any aspect of your life - personal, career, relationships, health, family, spiritual growth - there’s no better resource, for you. Wouldn’t you call that your “Dream Team”?

Even better news is that you don’t even have to imagine it. Your Dream Team already exists.  They are with you whether you know it or not. They are made up of various angels, spirit guides, friends, and, in some cases, even masters of wisdom. In fact, they are helping you even now as you read this - and, without their near constant guidance and encouragement, none of us would even be able to make it through even a single lifetime.  Yet, you will not receive all the benefits of their support, guidance, and assistance, if you you do not become consciously aware of how much more they can help you progress in your spiritual growth and fulfillment of your purpose here. It’s somewhat like being a student in a class. The teacher can help you if you just show up for class, but, look at how much more a teacher could benefit your development in a subject matter if you asked a few good questions. And, if you, for example, volunteered to assist the teacher in the class, you would learn even more. You’re in a similar situation with your extraordinary spirit support team.

In order to help you step it up with your Dream Team, we’ve decided to offer you two all day seminars in Los Angeles dedicated to you learning to make better use of your team of spirit guides, angels, and teachers in your daily life to fulfill your soul purpose. On Saturday, you’ll learn powerful tools and practices to help you with Developing Your Psychic Abilities to Access Your Spiritual Assistance, Guidance, & Lessons from the various members of your Dream Team. We work on you being able to have more clarity in your communications with them and be able to access more of your soul information about what it is that you need to learn, heal, develop, and fulfill in this life.

In Sunday’s seminar, you’ll learn to Establish Your Practice with Your Dream Team To Heal and Transform Your Life. As in everything in life, consistency plays a major role in your success. When you are able to gain enough certainty in spirit and establish a consistent practice of working with your amazing spiritual advisory team, you will be able to more successfully heal your life, grow, and attain the goals you have in your sights. You’ll also learn ways in which you can work with your spiritual healing masters to directly heal yourself and others.

Everyone is welcome to attend either or both of these seminars, but, this weekend also qualifies as one of the class requirements for those who are enrolled in Level 2 of our new Comprehensive Foundation Course, Psychic Tools and Life Mastery Practices for Living Your Soul Purpose.

We look forward to seeing you there!