Vermont Event Letter
from Michael

Dear Friends and Awakening Souls,


We heartily welcome you to join us in Burlington, Vermont for an incomparable Seminar Weekend for Becoming Clairvoyant! For literally millennia, clairvoyance was not even a subject broached in every day life for the majority of humanity. Amongst those who dared to talk about it, fewer still learned to develop it in themselves. Often, it's been viewed as a special gift given only to the chosen few. For some, it's been regarded more as a "curse" than a "gift." As with everything else in human life, ignorance breeds fear and, in its shadow, the value of what we fail to understand remains unappreciated. In turn, we fail to realize the worth of our divine heritage and gifts.


Today, we stand at the very edge of a magnificent precipice embodying the upper limits of human life as we have lived it for thousands of years. It is time for us, as a race, to take a giant leap of faith into the yet-barely charted frontiers of consciousness, of spiritual development, and of living a fundamentally different kind of life. We must expand our horizons of awareness and experience to live a life inclusive of not only what happens between our birth and death, but all that precedes and succeeds those milestones of human life. Only our incarnated life is temporary. Our life as souls is eternal. And to be able to live our eternal life even during our limited incarnation, we must learn to see the truth, unobscured by the clouds of thoughts and of emotions, of the limitless expanse of spirit.


Clairvoyance is not an ability or gift separate from who we are. It is an ability we each need to realize if we are to fulfill our destiny as human beings. It is the ability we need to develop in order to discern our own truth and see where we are headed on our journey to fulfillment.


In Saturday's Seminar, you will learn about Your Journey to the Heart of Wisdom, the pilgrimage that each soul is on. Your progress on this multiple lifetime spiritual trek depends on not only on the choices that you make, but also on how you act on them. This is the core of your clairvoyant development as well: As you purify your heart of divisions, you begin to see truth with more clarity. You become more clairvoyant.

On Sunday, you'll learn How to Keep Eternity in Your View, day-by-day, so that you can Fulfill Your Soul Purpose. You'll learn profound tools and practices to help you live your daily life more and more as the limitless, eternal soul that you already are. Clairvoyance is far more than just seeing auras, the spirit of the departed, or what might happen in the future. It is the ability you already have to look much more deeply within yourself so that you will get to know yourself and your purpose for living. Don't leave your life without it!

Everything I teach is based on my own experience and not from books. I draw from the wellspring of what I've learned from many prior lifetimes, my nightly sojourns of teaching in spirit, my years of intensive training, as well as all that I have learned from having physically died three times in full consciousness and returning each time. As you might imagine, I have much to offer those who seek to progress on their path of awakening , healing, growing, and fulfillment.

I'll see you in Vermont!

May the light of God illuminate your true self and peace be with you always. With gratitude and love,